The Royalty Creation Company

Callinan Royalties Corporation is a growing mineral royalty company based in Canada. By prudently managing its royalty cash flows, Callinan pursues a growth strategy expanding its royalty portfolio by creating mineral royalties through financing and acquisition. While management of risk and value creation for shareholders are key priorities, Callinan fosters an entrepreneurial culture and encourages unconventional thinking in seeking business opportunities.


With a small dedicated management team, committed board members and long term shareholders, we believe that good people are working together to build a new significant player in the royalty industry.

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Our capital is our strength. With a sound share structure, regular earnings from our royalty portfolio, a modest valuation and an active dividend policy, Callinan offers an attractive investment vehicle to investors pursuing a diversified commodity and exploration exposure.

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Royalties are our expertise. As an alternative source of capital, we are focused on royalty acquisition and creation.

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